Samsung Galaxy AI Features: Which Devices Will Get Them and What to Expect

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S24 series, introducing a set of cutting-edge AI features that promise to revolutionize the user experience. From Chat Assist to Circle to Search, these features elevate the functionality of the device. The burning question on many users’ minds, however, is whether these advancements will trickle down to older Samsung devices through software updates.

Samsung Galaxy AI Features: Which Devices Will Get Them and What to Expect
Samsung Galaxy AI Features: Which Devices Will Get Them and What to Expect

What AI Features Can You Expect on Older Samsung Devices?

While not all features may be available on older devices due to hardware constraints, Samsung has confirmed that some AI features will indeed make their way to devices predating the S24 series. Here’s a breakdown of the devices slated to receive these updates and what users can anticipate:

Devices Getting AI Updates:

The following Samsung devices are in line for the AI enhancements:

  • S23 series
  • S23 FE
  • Z Fold 5
  • Z Flip 5
  • Tab S9 series

Expected Timeline:

Samsung plans to roll out the new AI features for older devices sometime before June, offering users a taste of the enhanced functionality without requiring an upgrade to the latest flagship.

Cloud-based vs. On-device AI Features:

Understanding the distinction between cloud-based and on-device AI features is crucial for managing expectations:

  • On-device Features: The more robust features, such as live phone call translation, are likely to remain exclusive to the latest devices due to the necessity for specific hardware capabilities.
  • Cloud-based Features: Features like photo editing are expected to be part of the update for older devices. Google’s introduction of Magic Erase for older devices serves as a precedent for such cloud-based feature distribution.

Highlighting Noteworthy AI Features:

While the full extent of features coming to older devices is yet to be disclosed, some noteworthy AI functionalities include:

  • Chat Assist: This feature facilitates faster and smarter message composition by suggesting replies, emojis, stickers, and GIFs based on the context of the conversation.
  • Suggested Edits: Edit photos effortlessly with one tap, applying AI-powered filters, effects, and adjustments for a polished finish.
  • Circle to Search: An innovative feature allowing users to search for anything on the web by drawing a circle around it on the screen, providing instant access to relevant information, images, videos, and links.

The Future of AI on Older Samsung Devices:

While some cloud-based features bring excitement, the real impact may be felt with on-device features. Users eagerly await Samsung’s delivery on its promise to extend the benefits of AI to a broader user base. As more details unfold, it remains to be seen how effectively Samsung can integrate AI into older hardware.

Share Your Thoughts:

What are your impressions of the Galaxy AI features, and which ones are you most looking forward to experiencing? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below!


Samsung’s commitment to updating older devices with AI features is a promising move towards inclusivity. As the rollout approaches, users can look forward to an enhanced digital experience, with the potential for more surprises in store. Stay tuned for updates and join the conversation on the exciting world of Galaxy AI features.

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