What is Android System Intelligence?

Android System Intelligence (ASI) is a system component that powers many of the smart features on your Android device. It uses machine learning to improve the performance, battery life, and overall user experience of your device.

What is Android System Intelligence?
What is Android System Intelligence?

Features Android System Intelligence

ASI is responsible for a wide range of features, including:

  • Adaptive Battery: This feature optimizes battery life by learning how you use your device and adjusting battery usage accordingly.
  • Adaptive Brightness: This feature automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen based on the ambient light level.
  • App Actions: This feature suggests helpful actions based on your context, such as turning on Wi-Fi when you arrive home or opening the Maps app when you start driving.
  • Digital Wellbeing: This suite of features helps you manage your screen time and digital habits.
  • Now Playing: This feature identifies the song that is currently playing around you, even if you are not using a music app.
  • Smart Lock: This feature keeps your device unlocked when it is in a trusted location or when you are wearing a trusted device.

How does ASI work?

ASI uses machine learning to analyze data from your device and make predictions about how you are likely to use it. This data includes things like your app usage, location, and device settings.

For example, ASI might learn that you always turn on Wi-Fi when you arrive home. It can then use this information to automatically turn on Wi-Fi for you when you get home in the future.

ASI also uses machine learning to improve the performance of your device. For example, it can learn which apps you use most frequently and keep those apps in memory so that they launch faster.

Is ASI safe?

Yes, ASI is safe. Google has designed ASI to protect your privacy. ASI does not collect any personal information from your device without your permission.

How to enable/disable ASI

ASI is enabled by default on most Android devices. However, you can disable it if you want. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Android System Intelligence and disable.


ASI is an important part of the Android experience. It powers many of the smart features that make your device more useful and efficient. If you are not sure whether or not ASI is right for you, I recommend leaving it enabled. You can always disable it later if you decide that you don’t like it.

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